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Looming Fire - Stories from the Dutch East-Indies


Installation at EYE, Amsterdam

Looming Fire - Stories From the Dutch East Indies 1900-1940 From 5 October to 1. December 2013

the latest work by filmmaker and artist Péter Forgács. Based on EYE’s extensive collection of home movies, Forgács (Budapest, 1950) takes us through everyday life in the Netherlands East Indies at the height of the colonial period. Supported by quotes from original letters, the footage shows daily life as lived by Europeans in the colonial era in full glory: the etiquette, the almost forgotten traditions, family life, the colours and the scents. Thus Looming Fire is able to add an extra dimension to the historiography of the Netherlands East Indies. Forgács: “I put my films together like musical pieces. I make compositions on the basis of the m

aterial I’ve found. They are personal interpretations of history, not documentaries aiming at ”objectivity".


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"Letters to Afar" at the Museum of the City New York