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Stanley & Livingstone

fluxus lecture on Communist Statues - or great man meet.

Forgacs' Fluxus Performance, "Stanley & Livingstone" at the Young Artist Club=FMK.

(one of the few places in Budapest at that time for avant-garde billig nike schuhe and underground art events). Forgacs is reading his manifesto on the impossibility of public space art in the Communist art system ... and meanwhile declaring the finale of Socialist Realism, his statue "Stanley and Livingstone"  slowly moves erodes, destroyed
by it self, through fight of the statues. Just the corps, the ruins the plaster wreck left on the sceen.

Performance with •  Gusztáv Hámos & L. Lugosi Lugo
Performance at • Young Artists Club (FMK) Budapest, Hungary.


Stanley_ Livingstone_performance_FMK_1979 Feb-07_21h