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Rembrandt Morphs

In/between "In/between - Rembrandt-Morphs" video installation - which has been exhibited at the RE:MBRANDT 400 - Contemporary Hungarian Artist Respond show, 2006 - Rembrandt-Morphs presented by morphed-moving images Rembrandt's 38 self portraits. Rembrandt-Morphs was acquisited  by the Museum of Fine Art, Budapest, and by the The EYE/Netherlands Filmmuseum, Amsterdam.

exhibition : PHoto Espagna 2011.

Rembrandt Morph exhibited in Madrid PhotoEspaña 2011 from Forgacs Peter video post 2011 on Vimeo.

left side - right side image: Rembrandt Self Portraits
center  image : one still image of digitaly generated morph video "Rembrandt Portrait"         


created by Péter Forgács
morph graphics Simon Forgács
editor Péter Sass
guest artist Erzsébet Vojnich
 _INST: Forgács's Film and Installation Dunai exodus (Danube Exodus)