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Col Tempo

The W. Project - 53rd International Art Exhibition, Venice Giardini di Castello, Hungarian Pavilion

Péter Forgács’s installation
Curator: András Rényi

53rd International Art Exhibition, Venice
Giardini di Castello, Hungarian Pavilion
7th June – 22nd November, 2009


The work entitled “Col tempo” – The W. Project by Péter Forgács, Hungarian media artist and recipient of the 2007 Erasmus Prize, is constructed on the basis of just one, seemingly banal motif: the human face. It examines the nature of the gaze with which one sizes up, recognises and comprehends another person.

What are the visual stereotypes and automatisms or reflexes by which we judge someone about whom, in truth, we know nothing? That question is particularly topical nowadays in an age of galloping globalisation, explosive technological growth, crisis and terrorism; when ethnic suspicions and paranoid xenophobia are becoming heightened even within European civilisation, based as it is on unconditional respect for the dignity of the individual.


Exhibitor Artist: Péter Forgács
Sculptures: Louise McCagg
Curator: András Rényi
Video editing: Péter Sass
National commissioner: dr. Zsolt Petrányi
Archive films and photos: Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna
Image, graphic and book design: Gábor Gerhes
Installation design: László Soltész
Installation construction: LÉCCI: István Bosnyák, Tibor Horváth, Gábor Kerekes, László Szalai

Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle, Budapest – Biennale Office: Júlia Gáspár
Bardkard Produkciós Iroda: Réka Kardkovács, Zsófia Razsovich

Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture
Hungarian National Cultural Fund
Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest
Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna

Special thanks to

Margit Berner
András Böröcz
Gershon Evan
Farrar, Straus & Giroux, New York
Lóránd Hegyi
Imre Goldstein
Louise McCagg
Péter Nádas
Maria Teschler-Nicola
Mischief Films, Vienna

Museum of Fine Art, Budapest