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Bozar - The New Arrivals - Brussels

8 Contemporary Artist from Hungary - Hungarz in Focus 2011


The New Arrivals

8 Contemporary Artists from Hungary .2011



To mark the Hungarian presidency of the European Union in 2011, the Centre for Fine Arts presents the work of eight artists whose in-novative approach bears witness to the quality of Hungary’s flourishing contemporary art scene. Emese Benczúr’s floating, spatial textile in--stallations are the perfect introduction to the exhibition. The work of Imre Bukta, Orshi Drozdik, Balázs Kicsiny and Gyula Várnai combine visual poetry with critical reflection. Lenke Szilágyi’s striking photos and Gábor Gerhes’s staged pictures are also included. Look out, too, for an outstanding multimedia installation by the ar-tist and curator of this selection, Péter Forgács: based on a captain’s footage from 1939, The Danube Exodus takes an ingenious look at the subject of migration.

Curator : Péter Forgács


 Balázs Kicsiny

replika órák