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Video Active

EU TV Heritage documentary

The renowned media artist and independent filmmaker Péter Forgács has used the material from Video Active to create a short documentary. By using footage from the different archives, Forgács gives a beautiful insight in the rich material that is available on Video Active. The documentary lets the viewer discover various aspects of European television history in a compelling form.
Video Active presents television material from audiovisual archives across Europe. It provides resources to explore how cultural and historical events have been televised within and across nations and gives a unique perspective on European television history. It enables an interactive discovery of television’s contribution to the construction of a European cultural space, with the help of a large collection of program material. Integrating television research with audio visual material has been a significant challenge, but Video Active offers new and exciting possibilities for researchers, students and the general public to understand the history of television in Europe in novel and dynamic ways. It offers different pathways to exploring European television history, providing key questions and answers combined with clips and programs from the European archives.


2009 - 10 minutes - web
directed by Péter Forgács
editing and graphic design by Péter Sass
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