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The Notes of a Lady

Private Hungary 8

We travel 'a la rechereche du temps perdue' with Baroness Jeszenszky, and her forgotten Hungarian aristocrat film diary, from her Buda villa to their Castle in Tolna County . The reanimated images of the past enchant us, the estate, the park, the harvest, the servants, the travels, the dogs the neighbors visits, the peasants, the hunting, the marriage, or all the pomp. As red ivy shines the disappeared universe of the aristocracy from the scratchy films. The world of the aristocracy sank like an Atlantis when the Big World War burned the land replique montre and later the Communist nationalized what's left …



1994 - 49 minutes - Video

Directed by Péter Forgács
Music Tibor Szemzõ
Editor Márta Révész
Video camera Zoltán Gazsi
Assistant Zsuzsa Ujj
Dramaturge Gábor Ferenczi
Consultants Géza Bereményi, András Forgách
Sound mix Zsolt Hubay
Music performed by the Gordian Knot Company
Video graphics Zoltán Vida
Producer György Durst, Jolán Árvai

Péter Forgács

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