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The Diary of Mr. N.

Private Hungary 4

If, by luck, eternal love and world war do not cross each other's path, an idyllic life can be the reward. The film is the story of our heroes Mr. N and Ilona: drama and love embedded in history.

Through the lens of 9.5 mm camera of Mr. N, the meticulous military engineer of Catholic faith, we follow the events as they were taking place from 1938 his  private life –factory – public life triangle. All happens under the shadow of the historic drama of Europe.  Mr. N’s evocative shots of the re-annexation of former Upper-Hungary – after the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia breitling replica - following the revision of the Trianon Peace Treaty 1938. Mr. N’s  boss, the convivial army contractor bears an awful resemblance to Rákosi, the communist dictator of later times... Mr. N has a special documentary message to us, comprising thirty years in the life of Hungary, visions of terror and dictatorships, peaceful home life and the 1956 revolution. A Hungarian family: they are looking at each other, at outsiders, and as we are looking at them, the hidden similarity of things dawns upon us.



1990 - 60 minutes - Video

Director Péter Forgács
Music Tibor Szemzõ
Music played by The Fodder Basis ensemble
Editor Márta Révész
Sound mix Kati Gulyás
Advisors Gábor Ferenczi, János Tóth
Narrator Péter Forgács
AssistantUjj Zsuzsa
BBS production unit Komjáthi Ferenc
Music recording László Hortobágyi
Producer György Durst

supported by
Private Photo and Film Archives Budapest, Soros Foundation Budapest,
HTV Rt. and BBSA

produced by
©BBSA, MTV-FMS & Peter Forgács

HTV, Duna TV, RTBF, Arte France

Péter Forgács

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