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Simply Happy

a documentary by Péter Forgacs and Albert Wulffers

A portrait of the generation of 'our parents' in the form of an unconventional documentary in which Dutch filmmaker Albert Wulffers and Hungarian filmmaker Péter Forgács look for the Dutch definition of family happiness in the Rotterdam post-war suburb Ommoord, utilizing 8mm films from the sixties made by amateur filmmakers living in Ommoord supplemented by quotations from interviews with these amateur filmmakers.

Quotes from the press

"Simply Happy is not a documentary on the contrary. The film shows coincidences filtered by an artistic sensitivity. In this way a work of fiction a work of art arises. With satanic pleasure the knife is set vigorously in images that give false evidence of a happy childhood and by means of subtle interventions the falseness of the images is revealed."

"Simply Happy gives the impression that it consists of a collection of purposeless remarks and coincidental images. He who watches the film carefully to the end, slowly discovers the structure and than emotion and fascination arises. Simply Happy is one of the first films that show, uncensored by good taste or intentions, a portrait of ordinary Dutch people."


1993 - 52 minutes - Video
a L U M E N F I L M production
1995 / 90 + 52 minutes versions / 16mm + digibeta / color-black and white / stereo

Scenario en regie Peter Forgacs, Albert Wulffers
Research Martin Uitvlugt, Marike Vierstra, Albert Wulffers
Camera Stef Tijdink
Geluid Bert Koops, Pander Roskam
Music Tibor Szemző, Jose Nieto, Gerard Weggelaar, Mandolineorkest Triomfo
Montage Marta Revesz, Hans Struik, Irene van de Wal
Mixage Conno van Wijk
Archieffilms NOS/Polygoon
Titels Salon de beauté

family Ommoord
Chris en Sjaan Ameling
Dina Kok-Mastenbroek
Pieter J.W. van Laatum en
Wienie van Laatum-Schouten
De heer en mevrouw Starre
Sjef en Nettie van Unen
Jan en Shirley Westdijk

met dank aan
Bewonersorganisatie Ommoord
Peter Delpeut, Judith Koelemeyer, A. Nicolai, Aart Oosterhuis, Olga Smits, Ariane Stam
Gist Brocades, Historisch Museum Rotterdam, Gemeentelijke Archiefdienst Rotterdam

domweg gelukkig
kwam tot stand met steun van
Nederlands Fonds voor de Film, Co-Produktie Fonds Binnenlandse Omroep, Rotterdamse Kunststichting, ThuisKopie Fonds

Een LUMEN FILM produktie in co-produktie met de NCRV televisie

Cesar Messemaker

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