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Either - Or

Private Hungary 3

Sensual and unconscious, perhaps this is the best metaphor characterizing a “neo-Freudian-slip” film. Hungarian petite-bourgeois families find protection from the terror of communism in their private sphere and the ancient human dramas, muffled amorous dependencies, the hardly visible, but yet palpable relationships are grasped by the viewers’ eyes through coming into sight meditatively. In private  life, everything goes on even if the spontaneous actors do not see what they look at. This film is exactly what it seems to be: the never before seen denouncer of invisible and sensual relationships.



1989 - 43 minutes - Video

Directed by Forgács Péter
Music Tibor Szemzõ
Editor Révész Márta
Sound mix Katalin Gulyás
Expert János Tóth
Music recording László Hortobágyi
Dramaturge Ferenczi Gábor
Assistant Zsuzsa Ujj

supported by
Private Photo and Film Foundation Budapest, Soros Foundation Budapest and the Hungarian Ministry of Culture, BBS – MTV RT.-FMS coo production 1989

Péter Forgács

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