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Private Hungary 5

Through the works of D-Film and Photographed by László Dudás may we follow the life of filmmaker László Dudás, from the late ’20s for almost a 50-year long period.

The film diary is a special genre, since it makes the personal time visible, and so bridges the ages of youth and elderly as a novel. László Dudás could not become a professional film director, but he was so passionate towards the industry, that as an architect, he became a set-designer of the Film Factory. Many films and buildings preserve his efforts, while he worked on his own movies too, for the sake of coming generations.

D-Film was the emblem of the original filmmaker, László Dudás. He shot his first short movie in 1928 titled Toldi. This was followed by such special films like the expressionist Jazz, and Tempo. Later he created several movies, such as the adventurous Silver Triangle, and the burlesc titled Do Not Give The Bank. Until now, the films of the Hungarian independent film history’s exceptional creator have been hidden – with them the Budapest of the times, and the 1938 reannexion of Felvidék, which appear in the movies. László Dudás had been the set-designer of the Film Factory until 1948, when the communists fired him. The D-Film is the first chapter of the two-part life history film.


1992 - 45 minutes - Video

Director Péter Forgács
Composer Tibor Szemző
Editor Márta Révész
Music Takarmánybázis
Dramaturg Gábor Ferenci
Sound Engineer Katalin Gulyás
Expert János Tóth
Music recording László Hortobágyi, Mirage Studio
Assistant Zsuzsa Ujj
MTV Zrt. line producer András Tóth
Music editor László Herceg
Video engineer György Bajnok, Iván Bujdosó, Ferenc Szigethy
BBS line producers Ferenc Komjáti, László Rusznyák

produced by
The Soros Foundation and the Mûvelôdéskutató Intézet Private Film Archive

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