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Angelos' Film

Angelos Papanastassiou, the man behind the camera, a story of a Greek patrician of WW2 times Athens. In the very first days of the Nazi occupation Angelos decided to record and document the Greece motherland's sufferings. Using a clandestine 16-mm film camera risking daily his own, and his families life, filmed, documented the Nazi atrocities in Athens all through the German-Italian occupation.

Meanwhile his daughter, Loukia was born and we follow her first steps as the family life images juxtaposed over the tragic chapter of modern Greek history. Angelos Papanastassiou secretly developed, edited copie montre and saved the films, which later become one of the principal evidence of the Nazi atrocities at the Nuremberg Trials 1947. The Angelos’ Film composed from a unique film journal of wartime Athens and offers a new insight to Greece’s past, with the music of Tibor Szemzõ.

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1999 - 60 minutes - Video
Director Péter Forgács
Music Tibor Szemzõ
Editor Kati Juhász
MusiciansThe Gordian Knot
Sound mix Zsolt Hubay
Advisors András Forgách, Nikos Fokas
Narrators Caroline Bodóczky, Péter Forgács
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2001 • Best Music and Soud Track Special Award • One World Film Festival, Prague
2000 • Documentário Longa Grand Prize • XI Encotros Internacionalis De Cinema Documental, Portugal
2000 • Golden Gate Award - The Golden Spire • San Francisco International Film Festival
2000 • The Golden Spire • San Francisco International Film Festival
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 Sven Spieker : Interview with Peter Forgács
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