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The Labyrinth: A Strategy of Sensitive Experimentation, A Filmmaker of the Anonymous

Kristian Feigelson 2008 _ABOUT The Danube Exodus _INST: The Danube Exodus
Amnesia is not a goal but a disorder. As the past has been eradicated, a threat to identity, history has become an indispensable task. —Yosef Yerushalmi (Harvard, June 1970)

The Hungarian filmmaker Péter Forgács has for over twenty years been engaged in the painstaking project of reconstituting film archives based on 9.5mm and 8mm amateur footage. The goal of the project is to retrace the itinerary of Hungarian or Jewish families in Central Europe in the 1930s and under the Nazi Occupation from 1939 to 1942.

In tandem with a seminar devoted to his work at the Helsinki Film School (May 2005), Finland's Kiasma Museum of Modern Art presented his most recent traveling multimedia installation, The Labyrinth Project: Danube Exodus, originally created at the Annenberg Center of the University of Southern California (Los Angeles) around his film, Danube Exodus (A dunai exodus, 1998), before opening in the Gallery of the Getty Research Institute in 2002; it was subsequently exhibited in Berkeley and in Europe (see Feigelson “Filmmaker of the anonymous”). ...