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ESSAYS ARTICLES on P. Forgacs (1991-2007) - on P. Forgacs' works

multiple authors: Nichols, Wahlberg, Renov, Follea, Péignégiuly, Balassa, Woodard, Mallien, Bogaert, multiple source 2007
Malin Wahlberg   •   "Forgács filmer gör det förflutna mer gripbart"
in: Svenska Dagbladet/Kultur (Stockholm), 2004/02/01

Kim Skotte  •  "Mit private Ungarn"
in: Politiken (Copenhagen), 2004/02/01

Eva Ekselius  •  "Innan vardagen föll i bitar"
in: Dagens Nyheter / Kultur (Stockholm), 2004/01/31

Robert Lacombe  •  "Péter Forgács : Budapest privée, le cinema entre histoires personelles et tragédies nationales.”
In: Budapest en mouvment. Editions autrement pp 108., 2004

Scott MacDonald  •  "Péter Forgács” in: A Critical Cinema 4,
Interviews with independent Filmmakers, pp. 289, University of California Press, 2004

Catherine Bangonnet  •  "The FREE FALL" “World Best 50 Documentaries”
in: DOX International Documentary Film Quarterly No. 6/2003/12

Oliver Kohn  •  "Pages arrées au livre du temps. Introduction sommaire au travail de Péter Forgács"
in: Positif No.505, 2003/03

Jessica Kedward  •  " 'The Psychoanalysis of Histrory' Péter Forgács in the GRI"
in: first draft •of the Getty Museum• Research Institute, 2003/1

Roger Odin  •  "La Famille Bartos de Péter forgács, ou comment rendre l’histoire sensibile"
in: Théorème, Cinéma Hongroise – Le temps et histoire, PRESSES SORBONNE NOUVELLE, 2003
Fiona Trigg  •  "Burgeoise Dictionaries / Meanwhile Somewhere…1940•1943"
In: remembrance + the moving image, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, 2003

Michael Rush  •  "Wittgenstein Tractatus" p. 143 in: Video Art • Thames & Hudson, 2003
Private Europe  •  "il cinema di Péter Forgács"
In: FILMMAKER booklet Nov. (Milano), 72 pages 2003

Marsha Kinder and Zaia Alexander  •  "The Danube Exodus"
in: Future Cinema p. 359. ed. J. Shaw & P. Weibel ZKM, 2003

Paolo Simoni  •  "Archeologia della storia privata" in: FILMMAKER, 2002/12

Michael Renov  •  "Historische Diskurse des Unvorstellbaren. Peter Forgacs • The Maelstrom"
/Historical Discourses of the Inconceivable One. in: montage/av p. 26•41, 2002/11/01

Joseph Hanania  •  “World War Ii Refugees Who Shared Little But Pain”
in: New York Times, 2002/10/25

Leah Ollman  •  "As History and Memory Ebb and Flow"
in: Los Angeles Times, 2002/10/01

Suzanne Muchnic  •  "On a River of Memory"
in: Los Angeles Times, 2002/08/11

János Weiss, J. A. Tillmann,  Tamás Fehérvári  •  “Bibó breviárium”
in: Filmvilág, 2002/06

Phillippe Azoury  •  "Vue d’une figure libre hongroise"
in: Liberation, 2002/05/23

Jacques Mandelbaum  •  "Rhapsodies d’un antitotalitariste exemplaire"
in: Le Monde, 2002/05/23

Patrice Carré  •  "A Bibó Breviárium de P. F."
In: Le film Francaise, 2002/05/22

Ron Holloway  •  "Bibó Breviárium"
in: Moving Pictures, 2002/05/22

Catherine Portuges  •  "Home Movies, Found Images, and “Amateur Film” as a Witness to History"
in: Moving Imgage, pp. 107•123, Minnesota Press, 2001/Fall

Deirdre Boyle  •  "Meanwhile Somewhere…. A discussion with Péter Forgács"
in: Millenium Film Journal, 2001/Fall

Giacomo Gambetti  •  "Péter Forgács
in Lumière Cinema e Altro" in: 25•26 gennaio•giugno, 2001

Sven Spieker  •  "A Conversation with Peter Forgács" At the Center of Mitteleuropa 2002
in: ArtMargins,

Michael Renov  •  "The Maelstrom – A Family Chronicle"
in: catalogue Boston Jewish Film Festival, 2000/11/2•12

Gergely Bikácsy  •  "Privát Magyarország • Forgács Péter filmjei"

Steve Seid  •  "Péter Forgács turns Home movies Into a Private Epiphanies"

in: RELEASE PRINT (San Francisco), 2000/July/August

Dennis Harvey  •  "Angelos’ Film" in: Variety, 2000/05/8•14
Carolyn Chapman  •  "Strait from the Horse’s Mouth: Hungary’s Contemporary Art Scene"
in: Where Budapest and in: Live Budapest/Art, 2000/03/06

Marnix Beekmans  • "Turbulente periodeb in Griekse geschiedenis door gat in blik gefilmd" (Angelos’ Film)
in: TROUW (Amsterdam), 2000/02/07

H.J.A. Hofland  •  "Uit het rauwe leven" (Angelos’ Film)
in: NRC Handelsblatt (Amsterdam), 2000/02/07

Nico de Klerk  •  "Vaderschap, vaderland" Skrien, 2000/01


Trieste Forgács Péter Grafitti Ungherese, 2002

Andrew J. Horton  •  "Forgacs Shows..."
In: Central Europe Review, 1999/12

Forgách András  •  "Zárt kertek pusztulása" in: Metropolis, 1999/summer

Bori Erzsébet  •  "Waching the River Flow"
in: Hungarian Quartely, 1999/summer

Földény F. László  •  "History Therapy on Film"
in: Metropolis, 1999/summer

Michael Rush  •  "Private Hungary: The Bartos Family"
in New Media in Late 20th•Century Art (World of Art) Thames & Hudson, 1999 p. 106•108

Kenneth Turan  •  "The Most Personal Filmmakers"
in: Los Angeles Times, 1998/12/01

Hulb Stam  •  "Nederladndse films in trek op IDFA"
in: Volksrkrant (Amsterdam), 1997/12/01

Antonia Naim  •  Marseille Festival
in: il manifesto, 1997/10/23

Christian Iseli  •  "Visualised Memories"
 in: DOX (Denmark•Switzerland), 1997/08

Schubert Gusztáv  •  "A démon fényképészei"
in: Filmvilág (Budapest), 1997/8

Raymond van den Boogard  •  "Allemaal deschuld van de CIA"
in: NRC Handelsblatt (Amsterdam), 1997/06/27

Paolo Vecchi  •  "Budapest: Produzione In Ripresa"
in: L’Unita (Roma), 1997/02/16

Vasák Benedek Balázs  •  "A történelem melankóliája"
in: Múlt és Jövo (Budapest), 1997/2

Gerjan Zuilhof  •  "FREE FALL" in: 26th IFFR Catalogue (Rotterdam), 1997

Néray Katalin  •  "Between Actualities and Utopias in Central Europe"
in: Shiseido Exhibition Catalogue (Tokyo), 1996

Hirishi Minamishima  •  "Christ in a Sock"
in: Shiseido Exhibition Catalogue (Tokyo), 1996

Jerome Mallien  •  "Forgács, la colére froide du concept"
in: Derniere Nouvelles d’Alsac, 1995/04/05

in: Kiscelli Museum Exhibition Catalogue (Budapest), 1995

Bori Erzsébet  •  "…s romlandóbb mint a málna, vagy a hal" "Forgács Péter újabb elégiái"
in: Beszélo (Budapest), 1994/11/18

Hajdu István  •  "Exhibitionism in the Indiference of God" in: Balkon (Budapest), 1994/10

J. R.  •  "Nazi•troepen in de stad"
in: NRC Handelsblatt (Amsterdam), 1993/11/10

Albert Wulffers • "Het Spel der Vergissen"
in: Nederland Film Museum Themareeks/20, 1993/10

Jerome Mallien  •  "»Wittgenstein« Sourire á l’objectif"
in: Derniere Nouvelles d’Alsac, 1993/03/23

Bori Erzsébet  •  "A mondható és a látható világ"
in: Beszélõ (Budapest), 1993/03/13

Pieter Bogaert  •  "Interlude Leven is Ijdelheid"
in: Andere Sinema, 1992/06

Josef Woodard  •  "Hitting Home" (Private Hungary)
in: Santa Barbara Independent, 1992/03/26

Balassa Péter  •  "Private Hungary • Filmarcheology"
in: Kritika (Budapest), 1992/02

Laurence Follea  •  "Images d’Amateurs"
in: Le Monde, 1991/10/28

Annick Péignégiuly  •  "Cine•journal d’une famille hongroise"
in: Liberation, 1991/10/27

Gergely Bikácsi  •  "Dream Copies of Péter Forgács"
in: Magyar Napló (Budapest), 1991/06/28

György Spíró  •  "Midnight or A Couple from the Attila Street"
in: Népszabadság (Budapest), 1991/04/28

Peternák Miklós  •  "Private Hungary"
in: Belvedere (Budapest), 1991/1

Mieke Bernink  •  "De Tragiek van de Tijd"
in: Screen, 1990/05/04

Földényi F. Lászó  •  "Analitikus terek – Forgács Péter installációi"
in: Magyar Lettre 29

Catherine Bangonnet  •  "FREE FALL"
in: Images documentaires n°28

Bill Nichols  •  in Introduction to Documentary pp. 105, 135•137

Malin Wahlberg  •  "Figures of Times / chapter Private Recollection
In: The Family Album" pp 209 •220

Michael Renov  •  "Historical Discourses of the Unimaginable: P. Forgacs The Maelstrom”
In: Film magasine VICTOR 9•2004, Malmo