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Danube Exodus at The Getty by Péter Forgács - Danube Exodus in the Getty

Jenni Sorkin FRIEZE 2003 _INST: The Danube Exodus
... It should be said that Péter Forgács’ film installation The Danube Exodus (1997-2002), created in collaboration with János Varga, composer Tibor Szemzö and the Labyrinth Project at the University of Southern California’s Center for Communication, is a large-scale narrative project, but one that actually unearths a different kind of story. Comprising computers equipped with CD-ROMs, an interactive film and a roomful of maps orologi replica italia and timelines, The Danube Exodus is a documentary film project with masterpiece ambitions. Two parallel narratives embody the structure of film, with one ship and its captain at its core....
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