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Forgács's Film and Installation Dunai exodus (Danube Exodus) - installation

Zsofi Ban 2012 _ABOUT The Danube Exodus _INST: Rembrandt Morphs

In her article "Forgács's Film and Installation Dunai exodus (Danube Exodus)" Zsófia Bán analyzes film maker and video artist Péter Forgács's film The Danube Exodus (1998) and compares it with the installation Dunai exodus. A folyó beszédes áramlatai (Rippling: Currents of the River) (2002). Combined with additional materials, the two works are based on footage by ship captain Nándor Andrásovits documenting two successive journeys of forced displacement aboard his vessel, the Queen Elizabeth. Bán's analysis includes the 1939 event of the Jewish exodus from Slovakia to the Black Sea with the eventual goal of reaching Palestine followed by repatriating Bessarabian Germans, fleeing to the Third Reich, who were relocated in occupied Poland on land of evicted Polish families. Bán investigates the medium specific differences of the film versus the installation and the different ways in which the two works offer access to the experience of history turning the journeys of dislocation into an exploration and discovery of the two filmmakers, as well as the protagonists' and the viewers' individual and collective memories.